Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention

A crisis is a change opportunity for families, children and their placements when you use energy for good.

At Five Rivers we sensitively respond to crisis by providing children with creative and innovative solutions for positive change.

High staffing ratios within a variety of homely residential settings provide consistent and robust support mechanisms for each child or young person’s individual needs.

Our experienced practitioners support each child to realise their changeable and personalised objectives which work towards transcending stigmatised or arrested development from their past. We concentrate on an adaptive; person centred planning approach complimenting each individual care planning process.

Our initial interventions are supported by our clinical teams and an intensive, solutions focussed assessment which can be short term or long term as we recognise that some children require a more lengthy timeframe in order to reduce the intensity of their individual emotional, physical and behavioural reactions to crisis.

When we truly understand the traumatic journey each child has made and the impacts this can have upon them, we can then use our insight to further develop our intervention tools and enable focus on more long term and sustainable goals and coping skills.

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