Residential Care

Residential Care

Five Rivers understands that the children we have the opportunity and responsibility to care for only have one childhood and we are committed to ensuring the care they receive is fulfilling and rewarding in preparation for their adulthood.

From the moment of referral to Five Rivers residential care, we provide a multi-disciplinary team to ensure we are supporting the attainment of the most successful outcomes for each and every child.

Five Rivers ‘Integrated Case Plan Management Review’ process aims to provide the necessary ‘thinking and linking’ space for all the professionals involved. This ensures we are truly focused on attaining the set outcomes identified for each child and, if we aren’t attaining those outcomes, it gives the team the opportunity to adjust the individual care strategy in order to maximise the benefit to the child.

This series of reviews also allows for the sharing of practice within each of the Five Fundamentals throughout the care experience from initial assessment through the delivery of each integrated care plan and up to the point of exit from care.

We are therefore committed to the principal that ‘the child will always be kept in mind’. This is based on a consistent understanding of the aims and focus of the task within which each element of the Five Fundamentals is involved and is therefore needed, to provide a consistency in practice that meets aims such as parenting style, which also delivers a greater focus on the particular elements of parenting that the child will require and also the strategies to attain these.

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