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Our offer

The Assessment & Therapy team seeks to provide the holistic needs required, firmly rooted in an evidenced-based approach to meet the needs of the children, their carers and referring agencies.

Our practitioners have expertise in the areas of developmental trauma, disrupted attachments, parenting, fostering, adoption and residential services. Our permanent members of staff are complemented by a group of regionally located affiliates, enabling us to provide further assessments and interventions for a wide range of presenting needs.

The service aims to improve outcomes relating to emotional well-being and mental health in children and young people, and our search for continuous improvement has been demonstrated by our commitment to having our work validated by external researchers at University College London.

In the same spirit of collaboration, we work closely with other Five Rivers’ teams and foster carers to ensure every child receives consistent, nurturing care that meets their emotional, developmental and psychological needs.

We aim to maximise every child’s potential, and by focusing on the care they receive we not only help them to achieve, but to recover from the impact of ACEs. After years of possible trauma, rejection and hurt, we seek to instil a sense of belonging and positivity across a spectrum of services:

  • Assessment
  • Consultancy
  • Intervention
  • Training
  • Research and development

Where we are

The Assessment & Therapy services are regionally based, with clinicians covering:

  • London and East (Romford base)
  • Midlands and the North (offices in Thornaby, Chesterfield, Hessle)
  • South and South-East (Salisbury base)
  • South-West (offices in Bristol, Bromsgrove, Gloucester)
  • West Country (offices in Truro and Exeter).

With the development of our affiliate network comes the ability to further support young people and their carers. There is an increased need for support which often cannot be accessed through providers such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), who are oversubscribed and understaffed. Barriers to accessing support for young people and children can occur at any stage and can be detrimental to their well-being and mental health. Our affiliate network will aim to support those who need it, to assess early support or intervention and to maximise their potential as individuals.

News & Events

Our latest stories about our work, the impact we are having on children and young people, as well as opportunities to meet with us.

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