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How we work

Five Rivers Child Care is active in running a comprehensive network of crisis placements for children who are in need of a short-term intensive placement.

We see a crisis as an opportunity for change, so our crisis placements have been developed to ensure each young person can be fully assessed as part of a suitable placement being found.

By focusing on the individual difficulties affecting the development of each child, our therapeutic teams use multiple resources to prescribe the best programme possible for personal assessment and treatment.

Our Crisis service is frequently used for young people who simply cannot cope with the environment around them. Our Residential service offers a 2:1 care ratio of highly experienced professionals, providing children where possible with a much-needed respite break.

The programme is designed for them to extend themselves in ways they never thought possible. We also perform in-depth assessments of each child  using fun activities incorporated into their individual care programme. This has been particularly successful with children who are usually seen as a ‘problem’, or are at risk of a placement breaking down.

All our staff are comprehensively trained to deal with challenging behaviour and disaffection. The focus lies primarily on building success, which for some children is initially hard to accept after years of knowing only failure and rejection.  We also build their self-esteem through teaching numeracy, literacy, general knowledge and life skills, identifying each child’s preferred way of learning.

Children who are stepping down from secure care, or at risk of going into secure accommodation, have found our residential service highly beneficial as a short-term solution. It brings a sense of stability and is geared towards moving forward and making progress.

Recognising the need for rapid admission decisions for children at risk, Five Rivers offers an emergency referral service (vacancy permitting). Our placement team respond to calls within one hour and we consider all kinds of casesregardless of the young person’s current behaviour or needs.

Our placement programmes include:

  • the safe and stabilising environment of a residential unit
  • the skills of a highly trained carer in family placement schemes
  • educational services (such as supported school placements or one-to-one tuition)
  • and a specialist short-term unit for children finding it difficult to adapt to a normal environment.

We aim to develop more schemes throughout the UK to aid as many children as we can.

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