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Foster Care Ethos

Five Rivers does not support ‘conventional wisdom’ that as time goes on there is less need for support. We now feel that to reduce support to a ‘called for’ basis helps de-stabilise the placement.

The infrastructure of support is essential to the success of the placement, and is therefore available throughout the service. This support provided to Foster Carers covers a wide range of services, including the following:- Ongoing financial support commensurate with the task. A flexible support package which enables Foster Carers to have a babysitting service, an emergency stop over and / or time out for family and / or child / young person.

Access to a range of experts on a consultancy basis where required including psychologists, psychiatrists, educational psychologists, play therapists and family therapists.

Ongoing liaison with the Foster Carers which is viewed as essential support not only because of the need to have information and discussions, but also because it recognises that different issues are relevant at different stages of development in the child / young person’s care and the family adjustment of the child / young person.

Five Rivers Fostering Service provides access to the Fostering Network, BAAF, SCA and a number of organisations for all of our families so as to link them nationally with other leading bodies providing them with an independent service and advice and forums should they need an independent view.

Most importantly structured family environment, which will help them regardless of the outcome the parents will benefit from disruption until a longer term placement can be identified. Accommodation for the child to ensure the minimum is necessary, Five Rivers are committed to continue to provide is in the best interest of the parents or the child.

Five Rivers also believes that new parenting skills can be taught where parenting can be observed in a natural family atmosphere.

We offer the following services with all Parent and Child Assessments:

  • A family environment with experienced and trained Foster carers independently approved to undertake this task.
  • A nurturing safe and protected environment with access and support from a range of specialist.
  • A pro-active response to meeting the needs of both parent and child.
  • An approach based on the guidelines and requirements of the Department of Health Framework for Assessments.
  • A daily diary and regular assessment report used as monitoring tools with detailed observations utilising a evidence based approach
  • Reports written by experienced and qualified practitioners.
  • Access to additional therapeutic services where required for the parents.
  • Flexible durations of the placements or time bound where required.
  • A professional Social Work out-of-hours support team, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For further information in regards to these specialist assessments please contact our placements team on 0800 389 8708

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