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Sheffield family encourage more people to care for sibling groups

foster care for sibling groups
Usma and Ghulam from Sheffield encourage more people to care for sibling groups

In celebration of National Siblings Day, which falls on April 10th each year, Five Rivers foster carers Usma and Ghulam from Sheffield, are sharing their fostering story and calling for more carers to consider fostering groups of siblings as it is found 5,000 children in care across England have been split up from their brothers and sisters.

Usma, who has been a primary school teaching assistant for the past 12 years, decided to embark on a career in foster care five years ago, in hopes to extend care outside the classroom and provide a loving family environment for young people in need. Since 2014, Usma has provided a home to 18 children and is currently foster parent to two brothers. She said: “With my education background, a career in foster care has always been of interest to me. With support from my family, we have made an incredible impact on the lives of children that have been with us.” 

Usma is currently fostering four boys, two of whom will stay in the family’s care until they are adults as long-term placement care and the other two, who are siblings, as short-term placements.  

Speaking about fostering siblings, Usma said: “There are so many cases where siblings are separated from one another and live in different homes. The two brothers we have fostered were both very quiet and reserved, and did not leave each other’s side. Since, then they have gained confidence and have started to open up more. They now crack jokes, smile more and are much happier than when they first came to live with us. We dedicate a lot of our time teaching the children their self-worth and how to be the best versions of themselves surrounded with the love and support they need. You can tell their relationship as two brothers is much stronger since they’ve been with us because they love and appreciate each other so much more.”

Usma believes that National Siblings Day is an important day to cherish all brothers and sisters, both biological and fostered. Both Usma and Ghulam feel by keeping their two foster sons together has helped grow and enrich their already-loving family. 

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