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I’ve made a difference to children’s rights.

When I was 11 years old I didn’t think it was possible that children could be homeless in Britain, until I heard about the Children’s Rights Alliance England (CRAE) ‘See It. Say it. Change it’ campaign. I immediately wanted to get involved to fight against homelessness and children living in bad housing. Emma, my fostering support worker, helped me be interviewed by Skype and they accepted me onto the team.

I travelled to Westminster with Emma to meet up with the other young people. Some of them had been homeless or living in bad housing. From the minute I walked in, when I saw about 20 kinds of people from different parts of the UK from all kinds of different backgrounds and I knew I really wanted to be part of this group working together. I was shocked about just how many were homeless and were denied their right to be protected! I felt that we were this big group and we were on a mission to help children and to tell politicians to do something about it.

We are checking if children’s human rights are being met and will do an investigation over 2 years checking out why it’s happening, what the causes are. It’s going to last for 2 years and we then we will write a report together and bring to it the government. We aim to reduce the numbers of children living in bed and breakfast.

Girl, aged 11, Five Rivers Fostered Child

What’s changed?

I’ve been from a bad situation and I’ve now moved to a good one and it’s good for me to be able help other children who might be in difficult situations as I was.

This was a ‘Make a Difference’ production by Five Rivers’ Participation Service 

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