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‘I helped change people’s views about children in care.’

young creator“We wrote the words with the help of a writer and we acted out scenes. We rehearsed with a professional drama teacher – she helped us move well and act as a group. It was really hard work, and sometimes it was sad but all the kids helped each other out. I played one of two sisters in care. We got separated. It was really tough because this reminded me of my own life.

I am really, really glad I did this video. I’ve made some really good friends doing this and we want everyone to see it and understand how it feels. Doing this made me feel good about myself in a way I did not expect.”

‘M’ Aged 15
In foster /residential care in Midlands or North

What’s Changed?
My voice has been heard. People like teachers can watch this film to understand what it’s like to be siblings in care.

This was a Make a Difference production by Five Rivers Participation Service   


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