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I’ve helped train new foster carers.

“We are M. and V. – a fostered brother and sister in London and the East. Our Fostering Support worker, Jade, asked us if we’d give a presentation to a Five Rivers ‘Skills to Foster‘ training session for people who are applying to become foster carers. We got up and told the group about our experiences and the difference that fostering has make to our lives. They gave us a round of applause after. Jade said that everyone was very emotional and it helped some of them decide that fostering was the right path for them.’

M’ 16 + ‘V’ 18

What’s changed?
M and V helped more people become foster carers which means more children will be helped. They have learned presentation skills which will be useful in their future lives. Their voices have been heard.

This was a ‘Make a Difference’ production by Five Rivers’ Participation Service 

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