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Gloucester Young People Group raising money for Cancer Research

We are a group of fostered children in the South West and we get together to plan our own activities and events. Our recent sponsored walk raised £400 for Cancer Research – double our target of £200. The event went rather well, lots of people joined, we had a laugh along the way and a lot of people would definitely do it again! The kids really enjoyed it and they were really rooting for it and motivated along the way!

A lot of the time young people have ideas about wanting to raise money and don’t have anyone to really listen to them and help make it happen.  Everyone’s always really kind and supportive and we can’t wait until the next meeting!!

What’s changed?

There’s a space for the young people to meet, staff support to facilitate meetings and the necessary resources to carry out events. ‘G’ said: “I think it has made everyone realise that events like this can happen and we can probably do a lot more of them. I’d absolutely love to be a part of organising more events, as a result of this.”

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