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We’ve asked the board of Five Rivers to fund our campaign

We are the Five Rivers Youth Council and we made an animation which explains our ideas for a campaign against the stigma of being in care:

  • We want to start a campaign to get a national children in care day recognised
  • We want to make posters to celebrate the lives, achievements and experiences of children living in care
  • We want to create a travelling art installation about what it’s like to be in care
  • We think Five Rivers’ training film about ‘Careism’ – the bullying and exclusion of children in care is really good and it should be shown to more people
  • We‘d like to create a DVD to help school staff and our fellow pupils understand more about what it’s like to be in care.

What’s changed
Five Rivers made a campaign film for Care Day 2018 that was shared on social media. We also arranged for a group of young people to visit the Children’s Commissioner and put forward a strong case for society to do more to celebrate it: We’ve teamed up with the 5 Nations 1 Voice Alliance to help promote CareDay all across Great Britain in 2019. Five Rivers has become much more active in children’s rights and these young people are helping to change the way care is perceived.

This was a ‘Make a Difference production’ by Five Rivers’ Participation Service

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