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We’ve campaigned for children in care

Five Rivers Youth Council are actively campaigning  “To make sure the voices of care leavers and young people in care are heard”

“We are looked after children and we think we are some of the most resilient in the country” FiveRivers Fostered Child,  2017

These are the words spoken by one of our fostered children in video letter to the Children’s Commissioner, asking for more support for them and recognition of all their talents and achievements in society.

Our Youth Council agree the best way to do is to support Care Day, a big celebration of children in care in all five nations of Britain. This happens every second Friday in February.

These are the demands our young people made of people in power in February 2018:

  • To pledge to do at least one positive thing to improve the lives of children in care
  • To support social services so that children have access to social workers that don’t change all the time
  • To help young people in care get better and faster access to mental health support
  • To prevent care leavers suffering financial deprivation and help them get independence skills

We think children in care are extremely brave and we want the world to know about what caring, resilient people they are. Many of them go onto be care workers, social workers and foster carers – giving back to society with all the skills they have learned. Imagine, that from such a terrible start in life they could reach a point where they can say,  “I’ve turned my life around.’

Could you be brave enough to say, “I’ve supported children in care?”  simply by

  • Not discriminating against children in care – accept them for who they are – they are on a journey towards a better place.
  • If their behaviour is difficult, understanding that it is not their fault, it is a result of their cruel treatment or neglect.
  • Supporting charities for children in care eg: Become Charity, Rees Foundation, Coram Voice
  • Being more informed. Leading UK entrepreneur John Timpson has published a series of excellent short illustrated books called ‘ Helping Looked After Children’ which may be ordered online from the Timpson website:

Look out for #CareDay19!
This was a ‘Make a Difference production’ by Five Rivers’ Participation Service

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