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‘Make a Difference production’ about Diversity

The Youth Council said we want to make a film about stereotyping and raise awareness of the discrimination that people from marginalised groups experience. ‘Celebrating Diversity within Five Rivers’ project was suggested first by ‘P’, our London and East youth council representative.

We made 9 films about  18 people including

  • Care leavers ‘To-lu’ and foster carer Eartha – their experiences as women of colour living in London
  • Birth child Jean – entrepreneur son of one of our fostering families – his experience of age discrimination.
  • Family member Joanna – about stereotyping of older women.
  • Foster child ‘M’ about being a proud young black British Muslim boy from Somalia and the misconceptions surrounding the teachings of Islam and radical extremism.
  • Young person ‘K’ about the difficulties he faced and still faces as an unaccompanied young asylum seeker, how much he wants to build a happy life and contribute to British society.
  • Supervising social workers Hannah about her journey as an asylum-seeking young girl entering Britain – how she held true to her cultural and religious identity whilst engaging in British culture and values.

What’s changed

We have created a selection of nine different films to use as a training guide for staff, young people and professionals. The films help to give a voice to marginalised groups we wouldn’t get a chance to hear from.

This was a ‘Make a Difference production’ by Five Rivers’ Participation Service

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