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How we work

Five Rivers’ homes vary in style to meet the individual needs of each young person – whether that’s solo or group living.

A key part of our aim is to build up each child/young person’s capacity to develop empathy and a sympathetic understanding of others. We believe this is central to developing successful relationships and social confidence, and we do this by:

  • Developing our teams’ understanding of psychological dynamics, both through training and regular clinical consultations with a psychologist, who will explore practice within the home. This ensures that any specialist understanding of a child/young person’s needs can be incorporated directly into their care. The objective is that individual interventions and approaches for children and young people can be tailored directly to their needs. In turn, our adults are better equipped to understand their emotional state and the connected behavioural responses they experience.
  • Assisting the child/young person in understanding their own emotions and articulating their feelings.
  • Building a culture of mutual respect within the home by offering a rationale for their actions, and by apologising when mistakes are made.
  • Using adults as role models to normalise expressing feelings and emotions.

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