Avon House

  • Age Range: 7-11 on admission
  • Capacity: 6
  • Gender: Female
  • Length: Medium to Long
  • Location: Salisbury

Avon House does not provide emergency placements.

Young people’s progress is exceptional. Their experience of living at this home  enhances their quality of life because of the excellent care that the staff team provides.”
Ofsted, 2017

Avon House has attained an Ofsted rating of “Good”. It is a residential home for girls between the ages of 8-17 at the point of placement. We support children who have emotional and behavioural difficulties that require medium to long-term therapeutic care and intervention, within a group-living therapeutic community.

Avon House is a safe, warm and therapeutic home where we support children to learn better ways to cope and express their emotions, and to learn to self-regulate and keep safe.

We strive to give them a positive childhood environment where they achieve and make lifelong happy memories. We also pride ourselves on attention to detail, shown in the small, homely and meaningful touches that make a house a home. In this, we look to create childhoods that are much more than simply ‘good enough’. We support our children unconditionally to recognise their own potential and work towards positively turning their lives around.

“Staff value young people highly and provide them with outstanding care that is delivered simply and effectively. Staff respond to the young people with genuine warmth and affection.”
Ofsted, 2017

We provide secure and stable placements by drawing on years of combined childcare and therapeutic experience, as well as high levels of clinical support. This includes training and consultation, and ensures the whole service is grounded in therapeutic principles. We also work in partnership with others, to make sure our children’s needs are met to an exceptionally high standard.

“I used to really struggle with my feelings and hit other people. But now I have help and can talk about my feelings and have a hug when I don’t feel like I can cope.”
Child at Avon House, 2018

We specialise in providing placements for children and young people who have suffered severe neglect and abuse, have attachment disorders or have suffered childhood trauma. They may have associated disorders and needs, and our approach is holistic from the point of referral.

“I feel lucky to have found a family at Avon. It is the best place I’ve lived. I’m cared about and loved. I love Avon.”’
Child at Avon House, 2017

Our aims at Avon are focused on three key areas to support our children to move forward:

  • Preparation for independence

Pathway-planning is an integral part of staff training at Avon House. We work to form productive multi-agency working relationships, with a young person’s goals being of paramount importance. This is embedded throughout our vocational training, social and life-skills work.

  • Return home

Our team works closely and sensitively in supporting our children’s return to their families where appropriate, and to provide outreach support services when they’re needed.

  • Foster care

Where foster care is an option, we work in partnership with foster care team to identify those who are best able to meet the child’s particular needs. We then support a successful transition and relationship building.

By providing a safe homely environment that combines love, laughter and nurture with consistent routines, we enable our children and young people to grow and develop, being supported to achieve their full potential while knowing they are valued, cared for, loved and respected.

“I don’t feel embarrassed about telling people I’m in care now because now I have loads of good things to talk about. We have loads of fun and look after each other.”
Child at Avon House, 2018

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