• Age Range: 7-11 on admission
  • Capacity: Up to 5
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Length: Medium to Long
  • Location: Bromley

Clannad is an established children’s home based in the London Borough of Bromley. The home is situated in an attractive, quiet residential street with excellent links to public transport, local support services, schools, colleges, events and activities.

The home specifically looks after adolescents up to the age of 17 who have experienced severe neglect and abuse, have attachment disorders or have suffered childhood trauma. From the outset, our role is to support and nurture children and young people to a point where they can make a positive transition, whether back at home, or to foster care, or to live independently.

“Children benefit from high-quality care. They make good progress and respond well to nurturing care, constant encouragement and praise they receive from staff, enabling them to grow in confidence and maturity.”
Ofsted, 2017

We plan every admission with clear objectives that are established on the needs of the individual young person. The emphasis is on positivity, promoting the strengths of everyone in our care regardless of past experiences or behaviour. In this, the team is supported and trained to deliver maximum opportunities within a therapeutic crisis intervention model.

The team shares a mission: “Through providing a safe, homely environment which is filled with love, laughter and nurture, combined with consistent routines, we enable our young people to grow and develop, being supported to achieve their full potential while knowing they are valued and loved. We embrace the six elements of a therapeutic environment, which are: playfulness, acceptance, love, curiosity, empathy and consistency.”

“With skilled staff assistance, children make good progress with often complex health issues. The staff work closely with other professionals, including CAMHS workers and their own psychology team, to aid this work.”
Ofsted, 2017

The home also benefits from having DfE registered education on-site. The Clannad team supports our young people in and out of school and assists with homework and accessing resources to support their learning – described by one as “the best – I want to stay here just for the education”.

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