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Foster Dad calls for others to consider fostering on Father’s Day

We’ve been speaking to another one of our inspirational foster dads who is asking for recognition for all fathers this Sunday, including those taking on non-traditional parenting roles.

Gordon from London, has been fostering with us for 18 months alongside his wife, Kerri-Anne. In that time, they’ve provided a safe home for a teenage girl who they’re hoping will stay with them long-term.

Fostering is something that Gordon had thought about for a long time as his own parents always wanted to pursue it themselves but the timing was never right for them. Gordon said: “The idea of helping those less fortunate than ourselves was instilled from a young age, my parents always spoke about wanting to foster but unfortunately it didn’t work out for them. Because of them I had always anticipated fostering being a part of my life so for me it was never a question of if but when.”

Parents to two young children of their own, aged two and seven, Gordon and Kerri-Anne were delighted when they found they’d be able to foster alongside their respective jobs as an accountant and radiographer. By reducing their hours at work and splitting parenting duties it’s meant they’ve been able to successfully manage both responsibilities.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it can often be a difficult day for many children in care. While foster carers are taking on a parental role, it’s important to remember that not all carers are seen as replacements for the children’s own parents or families. Gordon explains: “We care for our foster daughter a great deal, but the relationship I have with her is unique, I’m not a replacement father for her but we’re her guardians and are here to help her. She has always had a good relationship with her maternal grandfather who she’s very close with. So this Father’s Day, let’s not just celebrate the conventional fathers, but all the non-traditional dads out there, including the guardians and the grandfathers.”

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