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Respite Foster Care

About Respite Foster Care

Respite foster care, otherwise known as short-term or short-break foster care, is provided for children and young people when their primary carer is temporarily unable to look after them.

As a respite Foster Carer, you are likely to support the same local children and their families. This gives you the chance to get to know each other, making things easier over time. It also enables you to see the benefit your care has on families in need.

These types of placements are usually for no more than fourteen days, but may occasionally be longer depending on the individual family circumstances. Placements are organised in advance and you choose your availability. This gives respite Foster Carers plenty of time to make arrangements, enabling them to work alongside fostering more easily on a regular basis.

Why Might a Child Need Respite Foster Care?

The reasons for this type of placement are wide-ranging; for example, you may be called upon to support other local foster parents who may be experiencing difficulties or simply need some time to unwind.

Your role as a respite Foster Carer is to provide a family home where children can feel safe and secure while they are away from their family or their usual Foster Carers. You will provide the primary carers with reassurance that their children are well cared for during these short breaks.

Foster Carers Carole Ann and Simon look after children most weekends. Read their story to learn more about respite foster care.

Respite Foster Care - Five Rivers Child Care

Respite Foster Care Benefits

Respite Foster Carers can fit this type of care around family or work commitments that may exclude them from other types of fostering.

They may use these short-term placements to test out whether they want to take the next step and become full-time Foster Carers when circumstances allow.

Respite Foster Carers receive support and training and are paid a fee for the time they have a child or young person placed with them.

Find out more about fostering pay and allowances.

Types of Foster Care - Respite Child Care

Is Respite Fostering for You?

Could you provide children with a safe and secure family home while they are away from their family or their usual Foster Carers?

To find out more book a call with our friendly Carer Enquiry Team or send us a message online.

Become a Respite Foster Carer

Making the decision to become a Foster Carer can feel like a big commitment. You can register your interest and we’d be happy to have a no obligation chat with you about whether fostering could be right for you.

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