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Social Enterprise

At Five Rivers, we believe you can serve social issues better when you’re free of the responsibility of answering to external investors and their potential conflicting interests.

Five Rivers is a Certified Member of Social Enterprise UK.

As a social enterprise we are recognised as a company “primarily driven by social objectives and whose surplus is reinvested in to the organisation or community rather than creating profit.” (Social Enterprise UK.)

This is in direct contrast to the many venture capital investors and profit-driven organisations that operate in the sector.

At Five Rivers, we re-invest a percentage of our surplus with the sole aim of achieving the best outcomes for the children in our care. This includes a significant investment in our research and training programmes, practice development teams and human resources.

Our research and development programme, in particular, is continuing to build knowledge around the effective assessment of need and its treatment. One example is a research partnership with the Anna Freud Centre in London, seeking to validate an attachment measure for children under 10 years, and to develop a new video-based interactive assessment for adolescents.

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