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Five Rivers Futures

What is Five Rivers Futures?

Five Rivers Futures is a befriending service for young people aged 18-25 who have left Five Rivers’ care, including our partner agencies (Safehouses Fostering, The Fostering Company, Foster Careline and Quality Foster Care). We provide our care leavers with the following support and guidance after they leave our care:

  • Information and Advocacy support
  • Loneliness and Wellbeing support
  • Employment support – CV and job application advice
  • Financial support
  • Housing
  • Support with Education and University Applications
  • A support ‘hamper’, co-designed by our care leavers.

What you need to know about Five Rivers Futures

Post Care guide

Access our Post Care guide here and have your questions about leaving care answered.


Financial Support

In certain circumstances, we may also be able to consider making small grants which need an application from a social worker, foster carer or residential child care worker. We may also request some of your personal data – please see our privacy policy for more information.

Grants are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and range in value from £10 to £500, depending on circumstances.

  • Small Grants (£10 – £30) – speak to your care worker, foster carer or social worker to apply for a small grant.
  • Large Grants (£30 – £250)
  • Exceptional Grants (£251 – £500)

For more information, or to request a grant:

A hamper to the value of £60 will be supplied to every Five Rivers’ Care Leaver. The hamper has been co-designed by our Care Leavers to match their needs as they leave Five Rivers. Each hamper contains over ten ‘basic essential items’, such as household products and the Five Rivers Cookbook full of simple recipes and advice, as well as a choice of luxury items which are selected by each individual young person to go in their own unique hamper.

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Information and Advocacy Support

Everyday advice on any issue can now be accessed via Become. The contact details for this are:

For more information about Five Rivers Futures, check out this Care to Listen? Episode:

Visit our Care to Listen? webpage for more podcast episodes! 

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