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Residential Children’s Homes

Our residential children’s homes provide children and young people with the best suited living environment to meet their needs and ensure their personal development and happiness.

About our Trauma-Informed Residential Child Care

We are a trusted and expert resource, providing trauma-informed residential child care to support children and young people with challenging and complex behaviour. We aim to provide children and young people with the best living environment that meets their needs as we recognise this is an imperative part to their personal development and happiness. We provide a place of safety and stabilisation in a family like home environment which we pride ourselves in. Creating a safe residential environment for children and young people helps them to feel secure, develop regular routines and take part in daily activities such as education and therapeutic activities. A residential environment providing Attachment and Trauma-Informed Care (ATIC) helps children and young people to develop boundaries, routines, open communication and have an experience similar to ordinary family life.

Who do we support?

It was in 1989 that we first welcomed girls and boys into our residential care, countering their experiences of abuse, neglect, trauma, and family and placement breakdowns, with home environments that bring a sense of calm, care and belonging.

We focus on creating opportunity for change. Our staff are trained in therapeutic communication styles, promoting well-being through a combination of authentic warmth and an authoritative parenting style. This approach has proved to be effective across a broad spectrum of needs.

Residential Children’s Homes

We continuously invest in our homes, enhancing living spaces, improving administrative efficiency and introducing innovative holistic approaches, informed by the latest research in the sector.

Our residential care services include:

Residential Placements Team

Our Residential Placements Team is managed by leaders experienced in working within and managing residential children’s homes and providing care, and who have a sound understanding of placing and matching children and young people with a spectrum of needs and desired outcomes.

The team works closely and in an integrated way with our colleagues in Five Rivers’ Education, Fostering and Assessment & Therapy services so that we can offer the best possible solution to referring authorities. We are pleased to support these authorities in identifying the best options for children and young people, whether in an emergency or as part of a planned transition.

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