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Foster Care Pay and Allowances

Pay, Allowances and Benefits for Foster Carers

Foster Carer Pay

Sometimes people who enquire about fostering say they feel uncomfortable asking about pay. We want to reassure you that we are happy to answer any questions you might have on the subject. It is our responsibility to ensure that prospective carers are equipped with the financial information they need, so they can weigh up their options and make an informed decision.

We recognise that looking after a child or young person has financial implications. On top of this, some of our carers choose to give up their jobs to foster. To support our carers, we provide a weekly fostering allowance made up of a professional fee and also a living allowance for the child.

At Five Rivers Child Care, we want our foster carers to feel secure in the level of support they receive – both in terms of practical training and reimbursement. Our support package provides carers with the peace of mind they need to do their job well – because that’s what really matters.

How Much do Foster Carers Get Paid?

As an independent agency and a social enterprise, we offer a highly competitive fostering allowance of up to £28,000 a year. For almost all foster carers, this will be tax free and will not affect any benefits you may currently be receiving.

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Foster carer pay and allowances:

  • Standard placement of one child or young person – approx. £440 per week, per child
  • Specialist foster placements – approx £660 per week but payment based on the child or young person’s needs
  • Parent and child placements – approx. £870 per week (one parent, one child)
  • Sibling placements – approx. £850 per week (two children or young people)
  • Respite placements – nightly rate based on the fee received by the main carer
  • Solution28 fostering (28-day placements) – approx. £646 per week (one child). Please note this type of fostering is only available to those living in Gloucestershire, Bristol, Swindon, The Forest of Dean and surrounding areas.

Examples of Foster Carer Payments

Foster child

Elsa fosters one child, aged 7. Elsa receives £430 per week, equivalent to £22,420 a year.

Foster children

Tom fosters two sisters, aged 7 and 9. Tom receives £849 per week, equivalent to £44,266 a year.

Key Points About Foster Carer Benefits

  • You will be paid a generous fostering allowance for each foster child.
  • You probably won’t pay any tax on your fostering allowance – find out more about tax and foster care.
  • Most state benefits are not affected by your fostering allowance.
  • You’ll need to register as self-employed and pay National Insurance Contributions.
  • You might also be entitled to Working Tax Credit and other state benefits.
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Our friendly Enquiry Team are on hand to support new and existing foster carers, and are always happy to provide information about pay, allowances and benefits for foster carers. If you have any questions about foster carer pay, please get in touch by calling 0330 173 3920 or email [email protected]

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