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Partnership Opportunities

Five Rivers is a partner of choice

Read our case studies to find out how we used our specialist knowledge and experience to help deliver results for a number of local authorities.

  • Emergency fostering project
  • Support care leavers with mental health needs
  • Working in outreach to support young people moving towards independence
  • Solution 28 provision
  • Residential care partnership

Partner with us

We have proven success of delivering results, on time and on budget, Outstanding and Good grading with Ofsted, and this partnership service can be replicated in this or other service areas.

As a social enterprise, we are motivated by our success in turning children’s lives around, keeping them at the heart of what we do and at a good value price. We are independent and have built a sustainable, community-based model of work. We don’t answer to external investors and don’t have to manage potential conflicting interests they could have.

Fostering Partners Agencies

Proud to be part of the Five Rivers Child Care family:

With over 30 years’ experience of turning children’s lives around, if you’re interested in discussing a specific project requiring a fresh pair of eyes, get in touch.

Work with us

We are always looking for engaged and passionate people to work for us and have a range of opportunities.

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