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Partnership Opportunities

As a Social Enterprise, we are motivated by our success in turning children’s lives around, keeping them at the heart of what we do, and at a good value price. We are independent, and have built a sustainable, community-based model of work. We don’t answer to external investors, and don’t have to manage potential conflicting interests they could have.

Local Authority Partnerships

Five Rivers is a partner of choice. We have proven success of delivering results, on time and on budget, achieving Ofsted gradings of ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’. Read our case studies to find out how we used our specialist knowledge and experience to help deliver results for several local authorities.

All of our Local Authority partnerships can be replicated in this, or other, service areas.

Fostering Agency Partnership

Proud to be part of the Five Rivers Child Care family:

We are also pleased to welcome Flavours School of Cookery to the Five Rivers Child Care family.

Research and Development

We continually seek to develop our services, ensuring we harness innovation to provide the best outcomes and evidence-based specialist care for children and young people.

Our Assessment & Therapy team works directly with universities and researchers to keep up-to-date with practical approaches, enabling us to better understand and provide the best outcomes for our children and young people.

Our research group consists of our Head of Assessment & Therapy, Referrals and Research Co-ordinator, and a Graduate Research Assistant. We are also proud to collaborate with Dr Saul Hillman from the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, and University College London (UCL),

As a result of our work, all Five Rivers Assessment & Therapy team members are trained to deliver Story Stem Assessment Profiles (SSAP). We are piloting the use of Adolescent Story Stem Assessments (ASSAP). These profiles allow for further exploration of attachment style, relationship dynamics, interpersonal themes, internal representations, mentalising and regulation of affect (emotional management).

We have several ongoing collaborative projects, including:

  • Evaluation and analysis of data from within Five Rivers, to evaluate the effectiveness of the ATIC model™ in collaboration with a researcher from UCL.
  • Evaluation, development, and adaptation of the Five Rivers assessment process, to ensure our baseline measures are thorough and useful in their ability to explore an individual’s emotional health, strengths, and vulnerabilities.
  • Collaboration with universities and researchers conducting the first Randomised Control Trial into the effectiveness of approaches within foster care.


With over 30 years’ experience of turning children’s lives around, if you’re interested in discussing a specific project requiring a fresh pair of eyes, get in touch.

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We are always looking for engaged and passionate people to work for us and have a range of opportunities.

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