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Types of Fostering

We offer different types of fostering placements to suit the individual needs of our young people. Children come into foster care for a number of reasons; it could be that somebody in their family is unwell and unable to care for them, or they may not live in a safe or stable environment. Because of this, we need different types of Foster Carers who are willing to step up in a variety of different circumstances.

As a Five Rivers Foster Carer, we will help you choose a type, or types of fostering that are suited to your experience, ability, lifestyle and resources. You will have the option to provide short-term or long-term placements and to work with children of all ages, from infants to teenagers and young adults.

Five Rivers prioritises professional development. Initially, you may be approved for one type of fostering; should you then wish to explore other types of fostering, you will be supported through our free, local training programmes.

Types of Foster Care

We will help you find the type of fostering best suited to you.

Long-Term Foster Care

Foster carer holding hand of foster childLong-term fostering is often the best option for children whose parents or legal guardians are not able to take care of them. Young people require stability, which long-term foster care can provide.

Learn more about long-term foster care.

Short-Term Foster Care

Foster child photographing flowers on mobileShort-term Foster Carers provide a young person with a temporary home, giving social workers the appropriate time to assess the child’s circumstances and plan for their longer-term care.

Learn more about short-term foster care.

Parent & Child Fostering

Parent and child foster careParent and child fostering, also known as mother and child fostering, provides a safe environment and the necessary support for a young parent and their child.

Learn more about parent and child fostering.

Sibling Fostering

Foster siblingsSiblings are usually fostered together, providing them with a sense of stability and family when they have otherwise been separated from their normal family unit.

Learn more about sibling fostering.

Respite Fostering

Back of foster child's head on colourful roadRespite foster care, otherwise known as short-break fostering, is provided for young people when their primary caregiver is temporarily unable to look after them.

Learn more about respite fostering.

Emergency Foster Care

Father and daughter playing with a dolls houseEmergency fostering provides the opportunity to join our community of Foster Carers who look after children on a short-term basis whilst a suitable, long-term foster family is found.

Learn more about emergency foster care.

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