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Fostering Siblings

About Fostering Siblings

Moving in with a foster family can be incredibly daunting for young people, but keeping siblings together can help children to settle in much faster.

Authorities do everything they can to ensure that children are kept together, however a nationwide shortage of Foster Carers means that some inevitably are split up – according to Foster Plus, 30% of siblings in foster care sadly have to be separated.

At Five Rivers Child Care we believe it is crucial that siblings are kept together. We are always on the lookout for people with hearts and homes big enough to care for multiple children.

Keeping Siblings Together in Foster Care

In order to keep siblings together, we need Foster Carers who have the physical space and emotional resources to provide for family groups of all sizes.

Siblings who need a family placement will range from those who need a short time away from family to those who require a long-term foster placement.

Foster Carers who provide sibling placements will receive specific training and support to enable them to care for multiple children.

Fostering Siblings Allowance

We want our carers to enjoy financial stability while pursuing a deeply fulfilling career in fostering.

We provide a fostering allowance of approximately £906.36 per week if you are looking after two children, or £1,264.62 per week if you are looking after three. Some carers look after more siblings than this and the additional responsibility is reflected in their fostering allowance. In addition to this, income from parent and child fostering is supplemented by government tax relief schemes.

Visit our pay and allowances page for further information.

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Could You Foster Siblings?

If you are able to provide a safe and stable home for more than one foster child, you could be the person who ensures a sibling group can stay together at a time when they need one another the most.

Read about sisters from Bournemouth who jointly foster a sibling group to stop them from being split up in care.

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