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Parent & Child Fostering

About Parent & Child Fostering

Parent and child fostering, also known as parent and baby fostering, is a specialist type of fostering where a parent and their child come to stay with you at a time when they need additional support.

The parent or parents can be of either gender and their ages can range from adolescence to adulthood. While this type of placement is usually for a family with a younger child or children, this is not always the case.

Parent and child fostering gives you the opportunity to offer support to a new parent when they need it most. Your guidance will help them to raise a happy and healthy child, giving the parent and child the best possible chance of staying together in the long-term.

Working With Families in Foster Care

As a parent and child foster carer, you will provide support to families who are experiencing difficulties with parenting whilst they are assessed and/or supported to try and resolve these difficulties. The aim is to ensure the child has the best chance of remaining with their family.

At times, the outcome can be that a child cannot remain with their birth family. Where this is the case, the foster carers will be involved in helping the parent or parents and child to manage the outcomes of this decision.

Parent & Child Fostering Five Rivers Child Care

Is Parent & Child Fostering for You?

Think parent & child fostering could be for you? Five Rivers foster carer Lesley has shared her story as a parent and child foster carer to help you learn more about what it might be like.

Remember, Five Rivers offers 24/7 support, specialist training and professional consultation to ensure you are fully equipped to support a parent and child within your home.

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