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Group Living

About Group Living

Our residential team work in partnership with families, carers, local authorities and commissioners, and the young people themselves to establish the most suited residential care placement based on their individual needs and requirements so we can deliver the best level of care and support.

Who’s it for?

We offer placements to children and young people who have experienced trauma, adverse childhood experiences and display attachment difficulties or challenging, emotional behavioural difficulties, and require medium to long-term specialist care. We draw on the practice based evidence and current research on child development, attachment, neuroscience and therapeutic community work. All children/young people are considered on an individual basis.

Our group homes cater for children between the ages of 6 and 12. We provide safe and secure homes in both a same-sex and mixed-sex capacity, and for younger age groups as well. We’re able to support children and young people through our network of group living children’s homes ranging from dual occupancy (2-bed), up to 5-bed homes.

We provide warm and therapeutic residential placements for children and young people to benefit from a period of stability in residential care that allows them to re-engage with education and where applicable work towards independence / return to family or a foster family.

How we support young people in Group Living homes

All of our services with the exception of our emergency placement homes provide an integrated package of Care, Education and Therapy and seek to make positive progress in children’s and young people’s lives through joint working with key professionals and placing authorities.

We work with children and young people to build a stable and trusting environment where they can benefit from a reliable education from one of our independent schools, with the hope to progressing to the mainstream education system. The team at Five Rivers provide assessments at the time of referral to learn and understand more about a child or young person’s past and present, to develop a plan that takes a holistic approach that includes educations, care and therapy. We also work closely with children and young people in our care to develop their own Care Plans, and provide support and guidance to achieving their goals and aspirations.

Outcomes from Group Living

  • Improved behaviours for example a reduction of aggression or self-harming
  • Improved sense of self-worth and self-esteem
  • Re-integration into mainstream education
  • Ability to consider being part of a family, able to create attachment in a family placement
  • Increased life skills and ability to take responsibility and social awareness

We currently have 7 group living children’s homes; Avon House, Bourne House, Clannad, Ebble House, Fountain House, and The Orchard. You can find out more about all our homes here.

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