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Our Education Services

A child’s education plays a fundamental role in shaping their future which is why we are committed to providing children and young people under our care with the best opportunities available.

Our independent schools across the UK provide a therapeutic framework that promotes academic success, emotional growth and personal development. Not all children respond to mainstream schools and require an alternative environment to prosper in.

Through our independent schools, we’re able to provide young people with an environment pupils can work and learn in. Smaller classes mean young people at our schools receive a tailored, personal educational experience to help meet their individual learning needs. From schools offering a therapeutic-based learning environment to a safe place for young people to develop vocational skills and life assets, Five Rivers Education services supports young people and their personal development.

Types of education with Five Rivers

We offer a range of supportive, safe environments for children and young people for whom mainstream and other school settings have not worked.

– Outreach School Services

We have a specialist programme, 1 ACE, that offers access to therapeutic, holistic and Special Educational Needs provision.

– Community Learning Environments

Our OFSTED-registered and rated independent specialist schools around England offer a range of academic, vocational, SEN and disabilities (SEND) options.

– In-house Learning Facilities

In-house learning facilities are available to the young people in residence at one of Five Rivers children’s residential care homes.

We tailor our education plans to meet the needs of each individual. The aim is always to achieve reintegration into the mainstream education system, from where children and young people can best interact with their peers on a journey towards becoming mature, independent citizens.

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We aim to achieve

Through our independent schools, we aim to provide young people with a steadfast education to:

  • Provide a well-ordered, positive and supportive environment where each child has the opportunity to flourish and succeed – whatever their talents or abilities.
  • Promote high expectations of standards of work, conduct and appearance.
  • Encourage participation in a caring and supportive community, founded on mutual respect.
  • Sustain an ethos which enables students to develop into mature, independent citizens, equipped to make their contribution to a rapidly changing world.
  • Establish a safe environment in which to develop positive behaviour, thus raising self-esteem.
  • Encourage students to respect British values, set by the Government and used in the Independent School Standards.
    • Democracy
    • The rule of law
    • Individual liberty


Integrating our other fundamental services

Our education provision is fully integrated with other services:


Children in care of our fostering service can receive tailored one to one educational support through our outreach service 1ACE.

Residential Child Care

Children in residential care have access to onsite registered schools or receive tailored one to one support through our outreach service 1ACE.

Assessment & Therapy

We formulate our individually-tailored education plans with input from our team of clinicians. They support the children and young people as they experience therapeutic intervention and prepare them for any transitions in their care or treatment.

Crisis Intervention

Children undergoing a crisis must have educational support – creating a familiar, stable base while achieving success step by step to rebuild self-esteem.

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