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Christmas at The Orchard

Written by Chelsea Bryan, Registered Manager

The Orchard has been through a bit of a tough time recently and we wanted to give the children and team something special – what better way than to bring a bit of magic and cook Christmas Dinner in November?

Sarah (Head of Residential Services) arranged for Chef Ollie to visit The Orchard for the day. He spent time teaching the adults in the home how to make THE BEST Christmas dinner alongside working with the team on developing a simple, yet healthy menu, all with veggie alternatives, based on recipes he had created which will help get some goodness into our children. The adults got so much out of it and are already using the recipes not only at The Orchard but also in their own homes – a HUGE Christmas tree was also put up and decorated!

Ollie was able to engage R in making her most favourite food ever “Mac & Cheese” – R was so impressed “It’s the best Mac & Cheese ever, I am going to eat the whole thing!”. J made the pigs in blankets or as he called them ‘Elephants in Duvets’ and the Yorkshire Puddings – as I’m from Yorkshire, he had his work cut out to make sure they were perfect!

The whole team came for dinner, one adult described “This is the best experience I have ever had at The Orchard, it’s so nice to see everyone together smiling and laughing”. The home was filled with love, fun, sparkle and Christmas magic, everyone received a present and a very full tummy!

We were able to welcome four of our new starters to the home, inviting them for dinner was a great way to welcome them into the Orchard family but also create opportunities for relationship building with the children – lots of playing in the garden and fun was had by all!

We cannot wait for what we are going to get up to in 2021, an Easter Event and a Five Rivers Festival in the summer… watch this space!

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