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Could you be an emergency foster carer?

We know that for some people interested in fostering, they might love the idea of supporting a child or young person in need but be deterred by the idea of long term foster care. They may be worried about how it will impact their family life or concerned because they already have existing caring responsibilities. This is where emergency foster care comes into its own as it offers a more flexible route into fostering.

Emergency foster care is a specialist form of fostering which supports children in need of a temporary foster placement.

An emergency fostering scheme in Gloucester, Solution 28, provides a service which will support children and young people by providing a foster family who is available to offer a placement to them 24/7. This means that foster carers will be asked at short notice and sometimes at weekends or at night to consider a child or young person who desperately needs an alternative family to live with for a short time.

Because the move into emergency foster care can be traumatic for the child or young person involved, we provide extensive training for emergency foster carers and around-the-clock support from a team of expert social workers. Emergency foster carers are paid an enhanced fee when a child is placed in their care as well as a retainer (even when they are not actively fostering).

We are urgently seeking emergency foster carers in and around Gloucester right now to support vulnerable children and young people in need of temporary foster carers. We’re looking for people who are naturally compassionate, nurturing and who enjoy caring for others. Prospective carers with experience in nursing, caring, residential childcare or any general healthcare related profession would be especially welcome as would any applications from individuals with relevant transferable skills.

We also welcome and champion applications from people with limited or no relevant experience but who share an interest in fostering and helping vulnerable young people. Our only practical requirement is that you have one spare room for each child in your care. You also must be willing and able to take on placements with little to no notice so it’s worth considering that before applying. Children remain in your care for approximately 28 days while plans are made for their long-term future, which may result in them moving back in with their own family or an alternative long-term home.

It’s a job that offers a number of rewarding benefits; from flexibility and regular training to an enhanced fee and ongoing retainer payment. You also have the potential to make a huge difference to a child’s life. They are likely to be going through a period of change and uncertainty and your home could be a safe haven for them during this time.

To find out more about emergency foster care and potentially beginning your fostering journey with Five Rivers, visit here or book a call back from our foster carer recruitment team.

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