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Children Flown the Nest? Consider Fostering

Fill your heart and home with new purpose by fostering 

When children move out of the family home, it’s normal to feel a sense of loss. You’ve focused your love and attention on raising your children and when they leave, there’s a noticeable space.  

For many empty nesters, fostering a child offers a sense of fulfilment and purpose again. The role of a Foster Carer not only allows you to use your parenting skills to make a difference in a child’s life, but you also earn a generous fee. 

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Why we’re looking for ‘Empty Nesters’?

As a fostering agency, we’re putting a call out to ’empty nesters’ to consider fostering. Why? Because as a parent to grown up children, you not only have the space, but you have a wealth of valuable parenting experience. You understand the joys and challenges of nurturing a child, and your emotional maturity means you will be a great role model to our children.  

We also believe that fostering will bring you joy. It can bring a new energy and life to your family home. It can help to ease that sense of loss when your birth children fly the nest and will bring back energy and life to your family home.  

By becoming a Foster Carer you will:

  • Use your parenting skills to make a difference in a child’s life. 
  • Access specialist training and career development opportunities. 
  • Earn a generous fostering allowance. 
  • Have the option to foster flexibly. 
  • Reignite family life.   
  • Create beautiful bonds with your foster child that can last a lifetime. 

Why foster

Why Foster with Five Rivers Child Care

Five Rivers is a Social Enterprise. This means that the support and training we offer far surpasses what many other fostering agencies provide. In addition to this, we consider the individual needs of your family; we are happy, for instance, for foster carers to work part- or full-time, and to accept placements on a short or long-term basis. 

Benefits of fostering with Five Rivers

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