Five Rivers offers support for schools and CAMHS

We welcome the government’s recent announcements on suicide prevention and improved support for mental health in schools.

Richard Cross, our Head of Assessment and Therapy says,

Richard Cross

“There is an increased need for support of the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people in care. Providers such as Child and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are often oversubscribed and understaffed, forcing a barrier between the child and access to desperately needed support.

“Our assessment and therapy teams have been gearing up to provide a whole range of immediate mental health support to children who might otherwise be left waiting months for help – bridging the gaps between schools, charities and specialist NHS services.”

There are a number of proven effective psychological interventions for children and young people:  For example;


    • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy – to support children who have experienced substantial developmental trauma.
    • Play therapy – helping the child to express and communicate their feelings.
    • Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) – a psychotherapeutic treatment designed to alleviate distress associated with traumatic memories.
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – encouraging the child to manage their difficulties by changing the way they think and subsequently behave.
    • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT) – to address the needs of children suffering from difficulties related to traumatic life events.
    • Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) –  to help the child develop inner warmth, safeness and soothing via compassion and self-compassion.
    • Video Interaction Guidance –  to enhance the child’s communication within relationships
    • Mentalisation-based approach  – to make sense of how our thoughts, beliefs and feelings linked to our actions


We have developed an Affiliate network of registered child and adolescent therapists and psychologists to Young girl talks to female therapistfurther support young people and their carers. Where Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are oversubscribed and understaffed,  barriers to accessing support for young people and children can occur at any stage and can be very detrimental to wellbeing and mental health prolonging the time to recovery.

Our affiliate network will aim to provide early assessment and intervention to maximise their potential as individuals.

The referrals process
The Assessment and Therapy Services are regionally based, with clinicians covering:

  • London and East (Romford base)
  • Midlands and the North (offices in Thornaby, Chesterfield, Hessle)
  • South and South-East (Salisbury base)
  • South-West (offices in Bristol, Bromsgrove, Gloucester)
  • West-Country (offices in Truro and Exeter)

If you wish to speak to a member of the Assessment and Therapy referrals team, you may contact us on 0333 122 6885

email:  [email protected]

Our office hours are 8:30-4:30 Monday to Friday.

It is important to note that this service is not a crisis intervention support team. If your referral is crisis-related and/or someone could be at risk, please access the necessary statutory supports in your local area. Crisis support services can be found on the NHS website:

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