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Foster Care Case Study

Meet Holly

We considered a range of strategies which could be employed by staff. Daily reports would be given to the Foster Carer and she would follow up and reiterate strategies, if appropriate, at home. Together we agreed that a referral would be made regarding potential statementing of Holly in order that she had appropriate support to reach her full potential.

Psychological and Health Services- A referral had been made to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) in the local area. This had not been progressed due to lack of agreement on funding/resources.

The Five Rivers Social Worker took responsibility to pursue this (an appropriate resource is now in place).

Thereafter, life story work would be considered to assist Holly with her identity issues. Liaison with the Educational Psychologist was arranged so as to avoid confusion re roles and responsibilities. The Foster Carer arranged a GP appointment to consider a paediatric referral since Holly appeared to be exhibiting possible symptoms of ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

A consultation with Five Rivers Psychotherapist was arranged for our Foster Carer in order to assist her with the understanding and management of Holly’s’s behavioural needs.
Holiday play scheme activities were agreed/arranged for Holly, to encourage her past self-image, esteem and confidence.

Social Work – Allocation of a ‘permanent’ designated Social Worker for Holly was agreed. Funding issues (as above), were agreed. Regular visiting of Holly was arranged to discuss, among many other issues, family contact, play scheme activities were agreed/arranged for Holly, to encourage her past self-image, esteem and confidence.
Foster Care-Ongoing support/potential respite via Five Rivers Family Support Worker was confirmed.

Communication and coordination of the above was agreed as a shared task between , our Foster Carer and Social Worker.

Regular professionals meetings were agreed for the future in order that progress was reviewed and monitored.

In conclusion, Holly remains in placement and has formed a good attachment to our Foster Carer who is very committed to her care.

The above strategy for reviewing her, and the Foster carer’s needs, remains in place alongside regular supervision (foster carer), respite for Holly (with Five Rivers support worker) and LAC reviews. The foster placement is confirmed as long-term by the placing authority (and Holly!) and continues to be proactively monitored to ensure best outcomes for Holly in the long term.

The above depicts real Five Rivers case studies names have been changed and actors used in the films to protect the identities of the children and young people involved.

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