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A Reading Foster Carer Talks About Introducing Her Children to the Idea of Fostering

During this year’s Foster Care Fortnight (9 – 22 May) we spoke with Claire Cudjoe, a foster carer from Reading, about why she decided to become a foster carer and how she introduced her children to the idea and supported them throughout the process.

“I always knew I wanted to foster. Years ago, I remember reading a newspaper that used to have a section at the back with children’s pictures and a short description about them. That image always stuck with me, and I knew that I wanted to help, if I could.

“I pursued a career in finance in London, but once I became a mum, things changed in my life, and I decided to look into fostering. At the time I didn’t know about all the different types of fostering available, but I knew that I wanted to care for children that were younger than my biological children.

“I did have concerns going in about how this would affect my children. It wasn’t just my decision, fostering involves everyone in the household. For me, I found that it’s important to be honest with my children. I let them know about the fostering journey and what it would involve. We discussed what children we would have in the home and explained to them about some of the backgrounds the children would come from. My children have been really great, they’re very understanding of the foster children and what they’ve gone through, and nothing really phases them anymore. It’s just so important to be honest with your family. I encourage my children to talk to me if they’re not happy about something.

“I don’t see fostering as a career, I see it as an extension of being a mum. I’m currently a full-time foster carer and do long term fostering. The child I have in placement now is like my own child. I would like to eventually go back to work, which isn’t a bad thing, I think it’s possible for me to do both because this child is so settled.

“If you’re interested in fostering, I would say reach out to an organisation or agency online and ask to be put in touch with foster carers or support groups, so that you can get this gist of exactly what it entails. It’s really important to know about the ups as well as the downs before you start the process of becoming a foster carer.”

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