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‘Men Who Care’ challenge male stereotypes in family life

Men have a vital role to play in the protection and care of traumatised and vulnerable children who need the support of a loving family. The task of being a foster carer can be taken on by husbands, partners, fathers and single men – all  with very different experiences. That’s why Five Rivers helped set up “Men Who Care”, a forum for Five Rivers’ male foster carers to meet up and discuss what they do, sharing the highs and lows with other men in a similar situation.

The group met recently at our Chesterfield office and discussed the particular concerns of the male professional carer. One of the issues was how to challenge the stereotype of the male carer is as ‘enforcer’ of the family. For many male carers this portrays a wrong image – males can and do offer significant emotional and physical support to children, including appropriate and thoughtful involvement in intimate care.

Jennifer Summers is a Senior Practitioner in the Five Rivers fostering office in Chesterfield – she says;

“Among their peers, men find it easier to be open up to their issues and challenges as a foster parent. Although their contribution is greatly valued and they have the same access to training in professional and therapeutic techniques, it can be difficult juggling work commitments with those of a foster carer, and this can lead to male carers feeling isolated. We are pleased that they are making the most of this opportunity to meet up and put their views to Five Rivers.”

The group are preparing a report to share insights with Five Rivers’ staff, management and carers around the country.

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