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Foster carer calls for more people to open their homes to vulnerable children

As part of Foster Care Fortnight, one of our foster carers, Vikki, is sharing her experience in the hope it will inspire others to think about fostering.

Vikki, a single parent to two grown up sons, started fostering with us in 2018 and has looked after 15 young people since, having children and young people stay with her for anything from a couple of nights on a respite basis to longer term stays of up to 19 months.

Vikki’s own mother spent her childhood in residential care and it was her experience that made Vikki want to help other children who were growing up in the care system. After hearing her mum’s stories and having raised her two birth children, Vikki decided she was in a good position to help provide a loving home for vulnerable youngsters.

Vikki started the process of becoming a foster carer and is now caring for three teenage girls on a long-term basis, which means the children will remain in her care until they can live independently as adults.

Vikki’s desire to help others has been a result of her own experiences as a mother to her son, who suffers from Carpenter Syndrome, a condition that causes premature fusion of bones and other developmental problems. Vikki looked after him until he started living independently in supported accommodation and her experience made Vikki open to some more challenging types of foster care placements.

Vikki said: “After raising my sons and with the challenges that my sons condition brought, I felt I could help other children who have been through a lot. Lots of the young people that come to live with me have complicated backgrounds and sometimes have complex emotional needs due to a difficult upbringing, but I listen to them and help them to work through any issues they have.

“It’s amazing to see each child grow when they’re here, and their outlook becomes so much more positive from when they first arrived at my door. It’s so rewarding to be able to help them and make a positive difference to their lives.”

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