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We’ve recorded an interview with the Children’s Commissioner

Our Youth Council said they wanted to make podcasts all about care.

So, Five Rivers organised training for our young people to help them create a series of fantastic podcasts called Care to Listen?

M. and J.K. are two young people in foster care in London and East who recorded podcasts at the office of the Children’s Commissioner for England. The first was an interview with the Commissioner herself, Anne Longfield, and the other with care experienced British rap artist – Ric Flo.  

Their fostering support worker, Jade, travelled up to with them and helped them think up some questions for Ric Flo and Anne. The team was made to feel welcome with a private office for the day so they could practice for a bit.

The young people asked Anne all about her work as the Children’s Commissioner and she told them about her national campaigns like making social media safer for young people and getting councils to stop charging care leavers council tax. M, 17 said after,  

“It’s nice to know that Anne is listening to our voices.” 

interview with the Children’s Commissioner
Anne Longfield

After lunch, the duo headed back upstairs to interview Ric Flo, asking him searching questions about his own youth in foster care and how he draws on it to inspire and help others with his art and rhyme. Afterwards, Ric encouraged M and JK to pursue their personal dreams. JK, 17, said 

“It was interesting to learn about Ric’s past. It inspired me!” 

The young people took selfies and asked Anne and Ric to pose with placards promoting Care Day 2019. The photos were shared on our social media pages on the day, 15 February 2019. 

All in all, a big day for two young people! 

What’s changed

interview with the Children’s Commissioner
Ric Flo

Our young people have learned a lot about the society they live in, developed useful skills, boosted self- confidence and met inspiring people who have encouraged them to go on to even greater things. The people they have met all have personal experience of being in care or are in some way expert in the world of Children’s Care. By listening to these podcasts, people will understand more about the positive impact that care experienced people are making on society. 

Find out more and listen to our podcasts

Our podcast series Care to Listen is also featured on the Children’s Commissioner’s website, IMO hub.

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