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Foster carer shares how fostering provides safety for vulnerable children

As part of Foster Care Fortnight, one of our foster carers, Laura from the South West, shares her experience in the hope it will inspire others to think about fostering.

Laura first considered fostering when she was in her early twenties working in a nursery where some of the children were in the care system. Working with children for almost 10 years led Laura to believe she could extend her skills outside the nursery and provide a safe environment for those in need.

In 2018, Laura left her job to become a full-time foster carer with us and is currently looking after two young people, one 18-year-old and one 10-year-old, on a long-term basis, which means they will stay in the family until they can live independently as adults. Both youngsters join Laura’s family alongside her seven-year-old daughter.

Speaking about her fostering experience and the close relationship she has with her foster children, Laura said: “Since I started fostering, it’s been the best few years of my life. Seeing my foster son and daughter blossom and change from when they first arrived on my doorstep until now has been incredible. The relationship they have with my biological daughter is so loving and caring as well. They treat one another like brother and sister and nothing else. We are such a tight knit family I couldn’t see it any other way.”

On top of her roles as a full-time carer, mum and NHS volunteer nurse to support the local hospital during the coronavirus pandemic, Laura is also a carer’s rep for us at Five Rivers and uses her experience to provide guidance and support to other foster carers. Laura is a familiar face amongst many local carers and advocates for more people to consider a role in fostering.

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