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Life Bloggers Series: Blending Balloons

This blog is about what happened 3 years ago when my birth family showed up unexpectedly at my primary school on my birthday with presents and balloons.

Imagine you had a nice day at school, and you were excited to go home and celebrate the event with your foster family. Then suddenly, your birth family shows up out of the blue. You might be happy to see them, but this was different for me.

At the end of the school day, as I was about to walk out of school with my friends, one of my teachers told me to go back inside for a minute. I was wondering what was happening.

One of my friend’s parents had reported to the teachers that there was a group of people outside the school gates behaving in a suspicious manner. The parent had explained that the people weren’t from around here. They stood out not blending in with everyone else. My teacher made a connection, realising it was it was my birthday and the people had balloons.


It was my birth family.

My school mentor, who I was very close to and understood about my childhood trauma, suggested to play a fun game. She told me to get in her car and keep my head down as if it was a game of hide and seek. I was really excited about this, so I did as she said. I didn’t look up until she drove me to where my foster mum was. It was a fun joke when I popped my head up and got out. Finally, the teachers told my birth family that I had already gone home, so they left the balloons and presents there. I was now safe. I didn’t know this story till a few years later. I was relieved that my teachers supported me and kept me from harm.

Now I reflect back and think my family didn’t make the environment safe while loitering outside school premises. If I did see them, then they might have caused a huge commotion and it would have upset me. As I am getting older, I understand how it could have ended traumatically. If it did happen again, I would feel more scared and worried.

Speak to you soon. xx

Blog by Quiet Mouse

This blog has been created as part of a series of ‘Life Blogs’ by care-experienced young people, following the 2024 London sessions with The Royal Literary Fund and VoiceBox.

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