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Life Bloggers Series: Racism and what it means to me

Hi, everyone; I’m going to talk about racism, what I have experienced and what racism means to me.

What Is Racism?

Racism is discrimination or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group. It can go both ways, and it shouldn’t be tolerated. It’s ridiculous that 95% of young black people have heard and witnessed the use of racist language at school. Whilst 45% of young black people felt that racism was the biggest barrier to attaining success in school, and it’s stupid that the biggest barrier is that 50% said that the biggest barrier was teacher perceptions of them, e.g. being seen as “too aggressive”. Racism is basically everywhere now, and it seriously needs to stop.

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How Racism Has Affected Me.

I myself have been called a monkey over 3 times, the n-word multiple times I’ve been told to “not wear eyeliner because I’m already black enough”, I’ve been mixed up with another black girl multiple times and I look nothing like her and I’ve been told that my hair looks like a rats nest and I should cut it all off. I think all of those comments really broke me when I got home because I did nothing to deserve it. I told my foster parents, and they told me to tell the school. I did, and I’m still waiting for the school to do something. Now, I’m mainly just ignoring the bad comments, but I think that racism both ways should never be tolerated in schools.


What NOT to do if you’re experiencing racism:

  • Don’t fight them it will just make you get into trouble.
  • NEVER retaliate it will make them say something else.
  • Don’t bully them, it will make you look like the worse person.

What TO do if you’re experiencing racism:

  • Tell a trusted adult and the school (if it happened in school).
  • If the school didn’t do anything, remind them and tell your trusted adult.

My overall opinion about racism:

I think racism should not be tolerated in any form. If you see, hear, or are experiencing racism at the moment, tell a trusted adult immediately.

Thank you for listening to this blog about racism.


Blog by Fifi

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This blog has been created as part of a series of ‘Life Blogs’ by care-experienced young people, following the 2024 London sessions with The Royal Literary Fund and VoiceBox

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