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Short-Term Fostering

About Short-Term Foster Care

Short-term foster carers provide a temporary home for a child when their parents or primary carers can no longer safely look after them.

Short-term fostering gives you the chance to make a huge difference to a child at a time when they are experiencing great change and uncertainty. You will help the child understand their circumstances and come to terms with the changes they are facing, whilst providing stability at a very difficult time. You may only spend a couple of weeks with them, but the impact you have may last a lifetime.

Short-Term Fostering Support

Short-term fostering allows social workers and other professionals the appropriate time to assess a young person’s circumstances and plan for their longer-term care. A short-term foster carer will help the child deal with the disruption to their life; they will support them to transition to long-term care, or to move back in with their own family.

The stability a foster carer can offer children in these situations is invaluable. Training and round-the-clock support will be provided.

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Short-Term Fostering Pay

Not only is short-term foster care incredibly rewarding work but foster carers are also financially compensated. Short-term fostering pay is given in the form of a professional fee and a generous fostering allowance.

Our financial support provides carers with peace of mind, enabling them to be their best selves for children requiring short-term care.

Find out more about foster carer pay and allowances.

Is Short-Term Fostering for You?

Find out more about short-term fostering by reading Kerry and Tracy’s story. Together the couple have welcomed over 20 children on a short-term basis.

If you are able to provide a home for children and young people who need care and support when faced with uncertainty and disruption in their lives, we would love to hear from you.

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Making the decision to become a foster carer can feel like a big commitment.

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