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Foster carer encourages the LGBT+ to consider fostering

LGBT Foster CarerOne of our younger carers, Dion, shares his incredible fostering experience as a LGBT+ carer…

Dion currently has two boys, aged eight and 10, in his full-time care. Dion is currently going through the process of adopting the eldest, and is applying for the youngest to stay long-term, which means he will stay with Dion until he can live independently as an adult.

After more than seven years of working as a carer and a child minder, Dion decided he would pursue a career in foster care. He said: “Fostering felt like a natural progression. Looking after people is something I have been passionate about since school, and fostering was something I always wanted to do.”

With Dion still being in his twenties, he finds he has more than enough energy to keep up with the boys, he said: “I’d consider myself a young dad, and that’s definitely one of the benefits of deciding to foster early in life. I still have so much energy to give these kids. I’m hoping I’ll be running laps around them for a long time yet rather than the other way around.”

Reflecting on his decision to become a carer as part of the LGBT+ community, Dion said: “If you are from the LGBT+ community and have thought about fostering but unsure, you should consider it. Fostering has change my life and I will continue to foster for as long as I can.”

For more information on fostering as a LGBT+ individual and for fostering queries in general, visit our LGBT Fostering page or contact the enquiries team 0345 266 0272 or email

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