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Inspirational foster couple support vulnerable mums this Mother’s Day

We’ve been speaking to another of our inspirational foster mums who is celebrating Mother’s Day by continuing to support new mother’s and their young children when they need it most.

Maria and her husband Phillip, have been fostering for 22 years and have provided a loving home to over 60 children and young people during that time, completing specific training in mother and baby placements.

After growing up in care herself and seeing the effects that being moved around numerous times had on adults she cared for, Maria knew she wanted to make a difference and provide a stable home for young people in need. Being taken into care when she was seven years old and growing up in a children’s residential home, keeping families together meant a lot to Maria and she made the decision to take on parent and child placements.

Maria, who has two birth children of her own who have now grown up and moved out of the family home, said: “It’s so important to me that we do all we can to keep families together and if it’s possible, safe and appropriate, to keep the baby with their birth parents. Becoming a parent is difficult and sometimes new parents are struggling, so we give them the support and guidance they need to hopefully keep the family together. We give them as much responsibility as possible but support them if they make mistakes and share parenting advice to help them as much as we can.”

Maria and Phillip’s fostering journey has also inspired their birth daughter to start fostering. Their daughter, who has two birth children, is hoping to follow in her parents’ footsteps and specialise in parent and child placements, supporting other mothers and their babies.

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