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Inspiring couple encourages foster carers to care for sibling groups

To mark National Siblings Day, which falls on April 10th each year, Five Rivers foster carers Janet* and Paul* from the Isle of Wight, are sharing their fostering story and calling for more people to consider fostering sibling groups as it is found 5,000 children in care across England have been split up from their brothers and sisters. 

From a family of third generation foster carers, Janet* decided to embark on a career in foster care back in 2016 after being motivated by her mother and grandfather who both fostered. Janet* said: “A career in foster care has always been inevitable considering my family’s history. I have seen many children and young people helped by my mum and granddad through decades-worth of care and support.”

Janet* and Paul* are the full-time carers for two brothers, both of whom are the first and only placement for the family. The two siblings will remain with the family until they become adults. Before becoming a full-time foster carer, Janet* worked as a primary school teacher for 10 years.

Speaking about fostering siblings alongside three biological children of her own, Janet* said: “Initially, we had no preference on whether we fostered siblings or children on their own. However, when the opportunity came up to provide long-term care for two brothers, it was a no brainer for us to keep the boys together and to welcome them into our home with open arms. Our family wouldn’t have wanted it any other way and now, as far as my own children are concerned, they simply have another two brothers.”

Janet* believes that National Siblings Day is an important time to cherish all brothers and sisters, both biological and fostered. Both Janet* and Paul* feel by keeping their two foster sons together has helped grow and enrich their already-loving family.

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*Names have been changed 

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