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Sports Day at Clannad

Clannad staff

The staff and children at Clannad recently held their annual sports day to celebrate the end of the school year. The education and residential teams know having something to look forward to is an enormous motivator for the children and they wanted the children to be winners entering the summer holidays and to create outstanding memories.

Clannad is a small and intimate space where pupils can work and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

What events took place?

  • 50 Metres sprint
  • Spoon race
  • Javelin
  • Football Challenge
  • Basketball Challenge
  • Long Jump

“It was so much fun” – Young person.

There were 3 teams: the red team, the yellow team and the green team. The green team won the overall trophy as they had the most points out of the three teams. There were great individual performances. Some examples being RG from the red team throwing the longest javelin, ES from the green team scoring the most goals and TB from the yellow team winning the 50 metres sprint. The winners were presented with trophies and medals on the day.

“The children were so excited to see the adults joining in with the sports and cheering them on. Another highlight was the young peoples’ faces lighting up when they had won an event. The delight and sense of achievement was great to see on their faces as they came up to collect their well-deserved trophies and medals.” – Mark Grayson, Teacher at Clannad School.

Preparing for Sports Day

In the lead up to Sports Day, the PE lessons were used to develop the skills needed to complete the sports. They also had assemblies to prepare for Sports Day. The staff chose the sports for the day around the abilities of the young people.

On the day, the staff and young people were supplied with lots of water and different T-shirts.

“A fantastic morning had by all. A massive congratulations for all the children that took part, they were a credit to the school.” – Mark Grayson, Teacher at Clannad School.

Health benefits of Sports Day

Sports day is not only a chance for the children and staff to have fun towards the end of term, it also has many health benefits such as:

  • Making you feel happier
  • Helping to keep at a healthy weight
  • It is good for muscles and bones
  • Increasing energy levels
  • It can help with the health of your skin
  • It can improve your mental health and memory
  • It can help with sleep and tiredness

The day was well received by all and the staff and young people are looking forward to next year!

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