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What fostering means to our Youth Council

The Five Rivers National Youth Council is a democratic group created, run and developed by young people in foster care.

We asked them to share their thoughts about what fostering means to them – here are some of their answers:

“Fostering means I now value what proper family is all about.”

“Fostering means opening your heart to others and being loved in return.”

“Fostering means that you have a new family and get to be loved again by new people”

“Fostering means I have been able to change my life, believe in myself and been able to feel and give love.”

“Fostering means having great opportunities that you can’t always have at home, also having people who love you like their own children.”

“Fostering means having opportunities, experiences and challenges which may not have been possible otherwise and having the chance to form new relationships.”

“Fostering means I got my life started”

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