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Young couple encourages others to foster and change lives

With under 25s in England facing bleak employment prospects as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, two of our foster carers, Bonnie and Nick want others to think about fostering as a viable career option.

Bonnie, who previously worked to recruit foster carers, and Nick, an account manager in cyber-security, had always wanted to foster because Bonnie felt that she did not have a typical childhood, so wanted to help those who perhaps were in a similar situation. The decision to foster was further cemented when Bonnie and Nick welcomed their own son in 2014. Bonnie experienced a difficult birth, and so the couple both decided that they would not try for another child naturally.

In August 2019, Bonnie and Nick became foster parents to a 15-year-old boy who they are hoping will become a long-term placement, meaning he will stay with the family until he is able to live independently as an adult. Having a young child already, Bonnie and Nick felt that an older placement would be better suited to their family unit, and since fostering Bonnie has said: “The age gap has actually been really great for us as a family, both of them need very different things from me because they’re in totally different stages of their lives.”


Speaking about the changes in their foster placement’s confidence since coming to live with them in 2019, Bonnie said: “He is like a completely different person. When he arrived he just wanted to be left alone, and he certainly wasn’t particularly interested in building a relationship with us. Now that couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s happy, cheeky and confident in himself and with others. He’s got himself a part-time job which he’s absolutely great at, and he’s even decided on a college course.”

“Even though the coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty for many, we’ve really enjoyed the extra time we’ve been able to spend as a family. It is also really reassuring to know that my career is not at risk, if anything, foster carers are needed now more than ever.”

Young people make great foster carers, and we are always in need of them, particularly as the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t stopped us from recruiting foster carers. In some areas, we’ve actually seen an increase.

If you’re looking for a career with progression opportunities alongside flexibility, a vocational career, like fostering, could be a great option.

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