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B.A.M.E Employee Group

At Five Rivers, we want to create a welcoming culture where everyone feels comfortable in their environment, regardless of race or ethnicity. We are committed to creating a workplace that supports our B.A.M.E colleagues and reflects the diverse ethnic and cultural makeup of our society.

To help fulfil these aims, Five Rivers colleagues have set up a B.A.M.E Employee Group, currently lead by Wayne Brown, Fostering Service Manager (Safehouses). The group provides a platform for members to share their experiences with the organisation. It also offers a space for discussion around systemic and structural barriers that may hinder their recruitment, development, progression and retention in the organisation. The group has a direct link with the Head of HR to progress these discussions.

All B.A.M.E employees are welcome to attend.

For more information and details of the next session please contact [email protected]

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