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Referral Process for Local Authorities

We require full information and transparency from the referring authority to help us with:

  • Risk assessment and management of the individual young person and the group
  • Ensuring the home can meet the child or young person’s needs and provide safety
  • The creation of thorough and specific care plans, and;
  • Accurate risk-matching to our current residents.

Details on any areas of the following behaviours must be disclosed at the referral stage:

  • MAPPA registration
  • Being under investigation for arson or having an arson conviction
  • Schedule 1 offences
  • Recent episodes of psychotic behaviours
  • Being actively suicidal
  • Physical or sexual risk to adults or young people
  • Any eating disorder requiring medical monitoring
  • Treatment for drug/alcohol dependency
  • Any recently self-harming incident which required a high level of intervention, any related assessments by a clinician and any risk management plans prepared.


We provide a daily observation record and analysis. Towards the end of the young person’s stay, a report is compiled detailing behaviours, potential causes and healthy responses, together with recommendations for future care provisions and any areas of concern.

For more information or to make a referral and discuss availability, please contact our Placements Team by calling 0800 389 8708.

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