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Education & Training for Carers

The Assessment & Therapy team provides education and training for residential care workers, Foster Carers and professional teams on best-practice approaches to managing the young people in their care. Children and young people who have experienced trauma are often not amenable to traditional parenting methods; they require a greater level of empathy, nurture and tolerance on the part of the carers and residential staff alike.

About Our Training Team

Our team provides training informed by current research into the impact of developmental trauma on children and young people, and how this manifests in the behavioural presentation. Through this training, we can support care staff in their ability to manage challenging behaviour and, in turn, reduce the risk of a placement breaking down.

Education & Training Programmes

Education and training programmes aim to provide further support, understanding and stability. Each training package draws on a range of learning and teaching styles, including group discussions, independent and group exercises, and the delivery of additional learning resources and handouts.

We offer tailor-made training on a range of topics, including:

  • The impact of relational trauma on children’s development
  • Therapeutic parenting and trauma-informed approaches
  • Working with self-harm and suicidal behaviours
  • Mental health awareness and recovery
  • Autism awareness
  • Working with sexualised behaviours
  • Understanding compassion fatigue

Training programmes can be developed to cover specific topic and areas on request.

If you’d like to discuss our training and education for carers further, please contact us.

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